Full Moon in Libra – March 20 2019

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The vernal equinox is ushered in by the light of this spectacular full moon. Welcome to the time for re-emergence. On October 8 of 2018, with the last new moon in Libra, we began a cycle of sorts. Now we see it picking up into fully expressed motion, drawing open the curtain on the sun’s entry into Aries.

What was your story last October and how has it changed? From the sticky and imperfect darkness of motives we don’t like to acknowledge, we look around and see that we’ve emerged into a more objective place. Venus and Mars are echoing some tension that they performed at that new moon. This time however, we can have a less embittered stance in our interactions with others. We can keep a careful loving eye on our own shady sides. We all have a shady side. It’s no cause for self-hatred or pity or despair. It’s our work. See how it’s uniquely hard for others and be humbled. Find safety in vulnerable bravery. Find reverence in gritty irreverence.

This Libra moon teaches that there is no ordained rightness. Each of us must stand with one foot on what we have to teach and another on what we have to learn; find our balance between objective love and entirely personal stories. What does confidence look like when you can allow for the very real experience of your own need for do-overs? This full moon supports you in your quest for inner fairness: be fair to the warped places within you for what they are. None of us come to them all on our own. We are a living network of shared trauma given and received, long stories being worked out and through us.

Under this moon every glimmer of truly FAIR connectedness with others is magic: forgiveness with objectively necessary boundaries; change we perform while respecting the effort it requires for others to adapt; committing our energy IF there’s a reasonable time-line; owning ourselves. The train is going to pick up speed from here on out. The hope is that we all have a little better understanding of what we’ve got packed in our bags and enough objective love to go all the way around.

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